Treffen 2013 (018)


  • qsgyswbzish on 2015-Oct-08 23:44:35 qsgyswbzish said

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  • Sharleena on 2016-Aug-10 09:43:05 Sharleena said

    Sigh. P is a great help and he has carried a lot of the load since the great birth debacle because I can&#39;t do it all, and I won&#39;t try.But with this mega-awful pla-euglike thing that hit the house, he has been amazingly child like. He did this whole, I can&#39;t stay at home with you while you&#39;re sick. Suck it up and figure it out.Then he gets it a few days ago. Now, he&#39;s falling all over himself apologizing because he didn&#39;t understand how bad this really is.

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